Our Sweet Story

Jeff & Jennifer

We started bee keeping in 2011 when my partner Jennifer signed us up for a backyard beekeeping class. We started with two hives and within our first year harvested a small amount of our precious Cedar Mill honey (I was hooked).

We joined a local beekeepers club shortly after and met fellow members and shared stories and techniques with others at the monthly meetings.

In May 2016 we received an email from a member of our beekeepers association wanting a fellow member to take over his honey business. I responded quickly and we met and discussed his accounts and honey sources. We left his place in Gaston, OR with 2 buckets of honey, jars, lids, and labels and our career began in the honey business.

As business increased and we were pouring honey every few days I made a commitment to make this a full time occupation, delivering pure raw honey throughout the community along with spreading knowledge about the many benefits of honey and the challenges honeybees are facing.

Jeff with honey

We expanded our product offerings and introduced creamed honey, honey flights, mini bears, hazelnuts in honey, chunk honey comb, bee pollen, bees wax candles, etc.

In addition to new products we also were able to procure new varietal honeys (Coriander, Buckwheat, etc.) from eastern and central Oregon to offer our customers.

The secret of our success is first and foremost we are purveyors of the most amazingly beneficial substance (Nectar of the Gods) pure raw Bee-Licious Honey that is hand-poured, lidded, labeled, and our commitment is to deliver the best quality pure raw honey to customers throughout the country.