Our favorite honeybee books

by Jeff Garner (beekeeper and co-owner of Bee-Licious Honey)

We'd love to share with you a few of our all-time favorite books about honeybees. From captivating stories about honeybee life, to close-up photos like you've never seen before, to delectable honey recipes, there's a bee book for everyone!

Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping

Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping (by Dewey M. Caron & Lawrence John Connor)

A true masterpiece on the honeybee and beekeeping practices, very fact filled, a textbook!

The Bees

The Bees (by Laline Paull)

A joyful read with lots of whimsical interaction inside the hive. A great story that invites the reader into the inner workings of a beehive and the environment they so depend on. The audiobook is amazing!


Bee (by Rose-Lynn Fisher)

The photography in this book of the honeybee using a scanning electron microscope with magnifications ranging from 10x to 5,000x is a must view, I was captivated by the beauty of this precious creature.

Honey the Gourmet Medicine

Honey the Gourmet Medicine (by Joe Traynor)

An amazing and easy to read book that delves into the many great benefits of honey and is an eye opener to its medicinal value.

Covered in Honey

Covered in Honey (by Mani Niall)

Written by a honey chef from the Bay Area, this book has over 100 recipes along with a history of honey, varietal honey pairings and cooking tips.

The Honey Connoisseur

The Honey Connoisseur (by C. Marina Marchese and Kim Flottum)

A great book covering 30 varietal honeys and information on honey selection, tasting, and food pairing.